My sweet grand daughter Eden Harris sent this to me. She created it in Photoshop. She said Paw Paw will you put this on your site? So here it is. She is the sweetest girl and I am so lucky to be her grand dad!

I raised my family in Tampa, Florida so that is home to them but they come up here to visit and love it like everyone else. It is a magical place for sure! My grands had never seen snow and were hoping to see some on their next trip to the mountains which is this week. However it looks like rain will prevail but we will have fun no matter. There is always a lot of fun things to do and I know the perfect place to take them where there is indoor snow fun! A surprise!!! Eden is so excited as they will be here tomorrow along with my grandson Evan and daughter Summer and her boyfriend Brian and his little boy Brodie. I have made surprise packages for them with a few Easter Eggs enclosed in their bags with surprises inside!

I grew up in the middle part of Tennessee in a small town called Hohenwald. When I tell people where I am from they always say, “Hole in the wall?” It is a big joke we all share who are from there. Small town Tennessee was a great place to grow up. I can remember how much I loved these mountains and coming here as a small child with both my parents who are no longer with us. But 3 years ago I asked my daughter if she would be ok if I moved here and I had talked about it for years. I just love it here, so much so that last year I built this website to be an informative site for the area and also serve as a tool for when i start my glamping campgrounds. I try not to do the tourist things here except for when family and friends come, that way it is fresh for me too. I love the change of seasons and yes even the winter! Although fall is my favorite time of the year.

Please show my grand daughter some love with her picture. This was important to her that she created it and sent it to me then asked me to post it. I thought it was so sweet. Love my Eden Grace Harris!